Law of Attraction - Life Coaching for Health Challenges

Being diagnosed with a health challenge can initially be quite a curve ball in the scheme of life.  I know.  I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis a while ago.  However, I have chosen to view the diagnosis as "just another bump in the road" of my life and have turned the adversity into an opportunity to learn how to implement the basic Laws of Attraction to improve my overall health and wellbeing.  And I did!  The only thing "MS" means to me right now is ...

Your Mind Set is the most important thing when you are dealing with symptoms of less than optimal health and especially when you have been diagnosed with a "disease". It can make or break you … literally! Your negative thoughts and feelings about your health issue is not an energy that you can afford to emit. You must …

As your personal Law of Attraction Health Coach, I will teach you HOW you can improve your emotional mindset, while dealing with your health challenges, which will pave the way for an improved state of overall health and happiness.

By choosing to work with me, you will:

  • Learn how to improve your emotional and physical health using Abraham-Hicks' Universal Laws of Attraction.
  • Learn effective stress reduction techniques that will help you to positively impact your physical health. Stress negatively impacts your body. When you remove the stress, your body has a better chance of healing.
  • Feel more at peace and focus on the positives on a daily basis.
  • Feel more energetic and pivot to a positive outlook for your future.
  • Be more empowered to pursue your dreams, no matter how big and inconceivable they may appear at this moment in time. I will teach you how to follow what feels good and to step into your personal power to create positive change.

A health challenge does not have to define you ... YOU define you!

Private Law of Attraction Health Coaching/Mentoring

A limited number of Private 1-on-1 Law of Attraction Health Coaching and Mentoring spaces are available. For more information about private 1-on-1 health coaching or mentoring with Maria Lesetz or to get on the waiting list for a space, contact the office at (541) 913-3469 or send an email with 'Private LOA Health Coaching' in the subject line. Maria takes on a select number of private 1-on-1 clients each year. Serious inquiries only please.

A critical piece of your healing process is getting your mindset to be aligned with wellness. And that is what we will accomplish together!

"Maria helped me this summer move from driving, constant pain in my back to being virtually pain free within a week.

I've been noticing and appreciating several things recently because of her coaching:

• First time in three years where bending over to tie skates and back hockey bags didn't hurt. I can now swing the hockey bag over my back to carry it, no problem, no pain.

• I'm bending and moving and wanting to do more and when I feel something in my back, I LISTEN to my body and take care of myself, something that Maria inspired me to do more often.

Maria, I love your passion, wisdom, humor and openness as a coach. Your voice lights me up whenever I hear it on our coaching call.

You have helped me reframe to tell a different story, and listen and honor what my body has to say.


~ Jody Low-A-Chee

Every fiber of your being responds to your thoughts & feelings.
Your overall health depends on the nature of your thoughts.
Happy thoughts = Healthier cells!

~ Maria Lesetz

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