Speed Coaching - Get a "taste" of Happiness Coaching!
Your B12 Shot to Lovin’ Life

Would you like to get a “Jump-Start” on feeling more JOY on a regular basis?

Do you find yourself saying “If I only could change this one area of my life, I would be
SO much Happier!”  

Let’s face it, there are lots of things that you’d like to make better in your life, and when they don’t get better when you want them to, you wonder if it’s ever going to happen. 

Especially the big-ticket things. The dreams, the goals, the long term vision you have for an ideal life that will make you truly happy. 

So you wait, often saying to yourself “I’ll be happy when XYZ happens”.  But XYZ never happens.  So, you put off your happiness.  

But here’s the big secret: Be happy first, and the rest will follow!  

That’s right, in order to manifest what you truly desire in life you MUST first learn how to be happy, no matter what.  

Easier said then done? Not when you experience …

Your B12 Shot to Lovin’ Life!
with Maria Lesetz, Certified Life Coach and Happiness Expert

I have created a groundbreaking Life Coaching package, called “Speed Coaching” that will give you the initial shot in the arm you need which will …

* Shift your mindset to a more positive one,

* Pump up your energy and motivate you to take inspired action

* Give you the basic tools you need to manifest your dreams!  

You will get expert guidance based on the principles of the Law of Attraction that will help you to transform your negative thoughts and feelings to more positive and empowering ones. The Law of Attraction simply states that “what you concentrate on expands”. So, once you learn how to laser focus on what you DO want, what IS working in your life and the blessings you DO have, you will begin to attract more of the same. And yes, the same goes for when you concentrate on the negative stuff. You will get more of what you do NOT want!

Why “Speed Coaching”?   Well, the bigger question is “ why hasn’t anyone else thought of this before?” Here’s the thing. You are busy.  You make everything and everyone else your #1 priority.  But when it comes to taking care of YOU and honoring your joy, you can’t find the time to fit it in.

Can you find at least three 20-minute blocks of time in your schedule
to invest in YOUR Happiness?

You can schedule each Speed Coaching session to use how you want for any area of your life that you feel is taking away from your personal happiness.  We’ll start there. 

Here’s what you will get with your Law of Attraction Speed Coaching Sessions

  • Your very own Motivational Coach who will be your B12 Shot to Lovin Life when you need it most!
  • Three 20-minute laser coaching sessions which you can schedule ahead of time. Here are some examples of how you could use these sessions:
    • Your stress level is off the charts and you are looking for ways to reduce that constant negative energy. You need to “stop the insanity”.
    • You are worried about your financial situation and you really want to start to turn things around so that you feel more at ease.
    • You are dealing with a health issue and would like to learn how to begin to be more positive while dealing with physical symptoms.
    • A project that you have been procrastinating forever has been weighing on your mind and you feel “stuck”.
    • You are looking to improve your relationship with loved ones.
    • You are stressed out with your current job and looking for the motivation and guidance to transition to a new career - one that brings you far more JOY!

Now since these are speed coaching sessions there will be no time for small talk or dilly-dallying, so make sure you come prepared with an expectation to get exactly what you are looking for. Intending the outcome you want is one of key secrets to manifesting what you want!

  • You will start to be Lovin’ Life more often!   
  • You will feel more energized, positive and empowered!
  • You will want to continue to be coached, after you see how good it makes you feel!

When you are motivated and your spirits are uplifted, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! 

You will attract more of what you want into your life when you say “YES” to making Happiness your #1 Goal!   

Happiness is a choice. Decide now that you are worth it!


 Get “Your B12 Shot to Lovin’ Life!”

You get three 20-minute motivational coaching sessions to schedule any time you want, when you need it …

all for ONLY $197!


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Say “YES” to making Happiness your #1 Goal!



Here’s how Speed Coaching works:

Each coaching session must be scheduled in advance with me.  At the scheduled time, you will call my Coaching Hotline to receive your one-on-one 20-minute Laser Coaching Session.  Before you start your coaching, you will be sent a brief client questionnaire to fill out.  This information will help to enhance the effectiveness of each laser coaching session.     

If you have any further questions about my Speed Coaching and getting

Your B12 Shot to Lovin’ Life ,

contact me directly by calling 541-913-3469 OR e-mail me: Maria@MariaLesetz.com.

To get started NOW, click here and begin your journey to being Happy more often and as a result, you will attract more of what you DO want into your life!

Also, if you are looking for a great gift to give your family and friends during special occasions, consider giving a gift that will change your loved ones’ lives for the positive … the Gift of Coaching! Click here to purchase the Speed Coaching Package as a gift for someone you care about.  

If you prefer to purchase this Speed Coaching Package via PayPal, no worries - just click the button below:

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“Believe in the Best Version of yourself! You have Greatness within you.
Allow it to come out by believing it is there.  
Start with making Happiness your #1 goal!”
– Maria Lesetz

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